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We believe in changing Georgia from the ground up. That’s why we are committed to training and mobilizing Georgians to advance climate and environmental justice through civic engagement.


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The State of Democracy in Georgia

A few interesting facts about civic engagement and voting in Georgia. (Source)

The total population of Georgia as of 2018, according to the U.S. Census Bureau

The number of polling places that have been closed across the state by Georgia county election officials since 2012.

The number of voters purged by Georgia's Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger in December 2019 alone.


The percentage of Georgia's electorate that got purged— more than enough to change the outcome of close elections

The number of people on Georgia's voter rolls, down from the 7.4 million that were on the rolls before the recent voter purge.

The total number of counties in Georgia

The number of voters removed from voter rolls in 2017, this was the largest single removal of voters in Georgia history led by then secretary of state, Brian Kemp.

The total number of cities in Georgia

Featured Democracy News

Fixing a Broken Judicial Branch

Fixing a Broken Judicial Branch

The latest rulings by the Supreme Court felt like a punch in the gut to so many of us who have been fighting for healthier, cleaner communities for today and in the future. The Supreme Court’s decisions to dismantle protections for clean air, reproductive justice and...

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Georgia’s Redistricting Maps March Into Court

This article comes from Krista Brewer of the Political Peach News The political map drawing is over. The ink is dry on new congressional, state house and senate districts, and most local redistricting is complete. Candidates have qualified to run in the new districts....

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Redistricting and why you should be involved

Every ten years, redistricting takes place in the United States. Redistricting is the process of looking at current political maps and redrawing those maps to better fit the changes in population and demographics that occurred over the past decade, following each...

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Get Ready for the Redistricting Rumble

Get Ready for the Redistricting Rumble

This article was written by Krista Brewer for Political Peach. Redistricting and apportionment, the process where we create electoral districts for congressional and state elections, is looming around the country. Since this is mandated by the U.S. Constitution only...

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Taking in the 2021 Voting Law Changes

"Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” During the 2021 legislative session, the Georgia General Assembly introduced dozens of bills aimed at curbing the ability of voters to have access to the polls. While legislators claimed that they were acting to...

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Democracy for All of Georgia

Democracy For All is a campaign launched by Georgia Conservation Voters. We focus on voter registration, voter mobilization, and keeping voters informed environmental issues. We believe in a fair and equitable political process, and will support efforts to protect voting rights. Add your name to join us as we demonstrate grassroots demand for pollution-free communities and a healthier, more sustainable and just future.