Tackling climate change and environmental injustice in Georgia is a big job. We need leaders like you to run office to fight for a brighter future.

Georgia needs fresh leadership at every level of government. The people of Georgia face threats to the air, water, and land that our families and communities depend on every day. For too long, too many leaders have prioritized the interests of big polluters in our state over the health and wellbeing of our people and planet. We need leaders who will fight for cleaner water, cleaner air, expanding renewable energy, and more. We need leaders who understand that thriving communities start with a thriving environment—and a thriving democracy.

As a resident of Georgia, you have a unique and valuable perspective on the issues facing your community. Take a moment to think… what environmental issues have shown up in your life? How have you taken action or shown leadership in addressing the issue? What more do you think can be done? By running for office, you’ll have an opportunity to share your vision, listen, and learn from your community. 

Want to run but not sure how to get started? Check out the resources below!

Take a moment to explore, a free database of all currently open positions that you may be eligible to run for, where you can quickly and easily know where there are open positions and for what. After that, it’s just a matter of taking the plunge.

Run for Something

Run for Something has great resources and guides for how to run for office, including a Georgia-specific guide here.


Arena is an organization that trains and supports the next generation of campaigners. They have a fantastic online toolbox here with all kinds of templates and guides for candidates and staffers that are just kicking off their campaigns.

Represent GA

RepGA is a statewide leadership development HUB that is working to elevate candidates that are committed to addressing structural and racial inequities. Check out their website here to see what kind of local resources and events they have for prospective candidates

Resources for Women

Are you a woman running for office? If you’re a Democratic candidate, check out Emerge Georgia here to apply for one of their next leadership boot camps. HerTerm is another Georgia-based organization focused on electing progressive women into office through coaching and endorsements. And if you’re a woman of color running for office, check out these specific organizations that may be willing to support your race.

Upcoming Candidate Training Opportunities

TRAINING: Run For Something

This spring, Run For Something, Friends of the Earth Action and Lead Locally are coming together to train thousands of climate leaders to run for state and local office on bold climate plans that stand up to fossil fuels and build the Green New Deal from the grassroots up. If you’re considering running for office, already have your plans in place, hope to support or staff a climate candidate’s campaign, or are just figuring out how to engage with the upcoming elections – we want you to sign up! Over the weekend-long training, we’ll hold sessions on building your base and setting up your get-out-the-vote strategy, building a volunteer-driven campaign, fundraising, social media, campaign tech, and much more! Sign up here before May 14, 2022.

TRAINING: WIN Leadership Academy

2022 WIN Leadership is a ten-month program for pro-choice women interested in running for office. Classes meet once a month and participants learn the basics of campaigning, from setting up a campaign to field plans and fundraising. Applications are here and are accepted on a rolling basis. There is a one-time fee of $250 for registration, paid upon acceptance to the program. Classes start early 2022. Questions can be directed to The program is hosted by a local organization Georgia WIN List.

TRAINING: Georgia Women’s Policy Institute

Georgia Women’s Policy Institute is a leadership, advocacy, and civic engagement training for women. This is a nonpartisan program, and applications for the 2022-2023 cohort will open in early 2022. Browse their website and list of alumni to see if this may be something for you to embark on for the future.

TRAINING: National Democratic Training Committee

You are the change your community needs. Whether you want to run for office, work on a campaign, or drive progressive values through local leadership, we are here to provide the tools and training you need to be successful. 24/7 and all for free. As the largest, most in-depth Democratic campaign training program in the country, we provide the training, tools you can use immediately, and resources you need to win your campaign and change your community. Learn more here.