Be a leader in politics by standing up against climate change.

More than ever, we need our political leaders to be brave, bold, and fearless. Climate change, environmental injustice, and voting access are some of the many problems we face in Georgia and across the country. These problems are not partisan issues, and Georgians across our state have shown that the environment and climate change matters to them.

We also know that our legislators are busy and may find it challenging to educate yourself on these issues. That’s why we’re here to help. We explain what policies you can support to help fight climate change and protect the environment.

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Are you an elected leader or candidate running for office? Get GCV’s Endorsement!

GCV’s Action Fund is dedicated to helping elect officials that will join in the struggle against climate change. We believe that we can bring lasting environmental change through political action. We support candidates running for state, county, city, and local seats who are willing to stand at the forefront of the fight against climate change and other environmental problems facing Georgia today. Our endorsements help Georgia voters understand which candidates are truly committed to advancing climate and environmental justice.

Please note that GCV does not provide endorsements to candidates running for federal offices. Instead, federal endorsements are provided by the League of Conservation Voters Action FundIf you are a candidate running for a federal office, such as U.S. Senate or U.S. Congress, please contact the League of Conservation Voters.

Policies that elected leaders and candidates can support.

Georgia needs fresh leadership at every level of government. The people of Georgia face threats to the air, water, and land that our families and communities depend on every day. We need leaders who will fight for cleaner water, cleaner air, expanding renewable energy, and more. We need leaders who understand that thriving communities start with a thriving environment—and a thriving democracy. Check out the resources we have identified to help candidates run and win.

Policies that elected leaders and candidates can support.

As elected officials, it’s important to do more than make promises on campaign trails, seek out GCV’s endorsement or take the candidate pledge. We want elected officials to take real steps to combating climate change and environmental inequities. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of policies that we support in the fight against climate change, environmental harm and inequality. All candidates need to do is sign on.

Check out the *NEW* Green Cities Georgia Platform for local elected leaders!