Introducing: Greater Greener Georgia!

Greater Greener Georgia is a short biweekly podcast where we talk about current event issues in Georgia and around the country, especially issues around climate change and the environment. We know it can be hard to focus on important news in today’s society, especially with the flood of information that comes at us from all directions. We want to help simplify things and highlight the problems and successes that matter.  

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Guest Podcast Appearances

GA Voter Rights & Access for November Election

In Tune to Nature

GA Voter Rights & Access for November Election – In Tune to Nature

In support of eco-friendly candidates who are climate champions, Georgia Conservation Voters advocates for all citizens in GA to exercise their right to vote, with their “Democracy for All” initiative. In this 28-minute podcast, host Carrie Freeman interviews Brionte McCorkle, Executive Director or Georgia Conservation Voters about issues with voting in Georgia, how to make a plan to vote in this November 2022 election, and how her organization vets Georgia political candidates to decide on whom to endorse each election cycle.

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Climate Justice with Brionté McCorkle

The Georgia Politics Podcast

Climate Justice with Brionté McCorkle – The Georgia Politics Podcast

Joining Megan on the show today for a special episode is the Executive Director of Georgia Conservation Voters, Brionté McCorkle, to discuss environmental justice issues. As always, Megan kicks off the show with the basics to help set the stage for the listeners on exactly what climate justice is and what politicians are or are not doing to initiate progress toward a more equitable climate future. And who should be responsible for slowing climate change and lowering pollution? We as individuals often feel the need to shoulder that responsibility, but Brionté and Megan discuss why it’s just not that simple.

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The Powerful Five

(Small) Power

The Powerful Five – (Small) Power

Small Power tells stories about the surprising and often hidden power behind local political offices and issues in Georgia. Brionté McCorkle, Executive Director at GCV speaks with producers, Sasha Friedman and Martine Chaussard telling a story about representation (or the lack thereof) on the Georgia Public Service Commission.

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Environmental Racism and Climate Justice


Environmental Racism and Climate Justice – AmpliFire

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, becoming one of the most deadly and costly storms in U.S. history– and one of the most salient examples of environmental racism. Join Halle Bradshaw as she speaks with Troy Robertson (Regional Organizer at the Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy) and Gayla Tillman (Civic Engagement Organizer for Georgia Conservation Voters) in their exploration of the intersectional struggle for climate justice.

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