Find out how green your elected officials are with the 2019-2020 Georgia Environmental Scorecard

Environment Georgia and Georgia Conservation Voters released their 2019-2020 Georgia Environmental Scorecard last month, revealing which of Georgia’s legislators are champions in the fight against climate change, and which aren’t. The scorecard, which can be seen here, records the votes of legislators around 14 key environmental bills and resolutions before coming up with an aggregate score that is applied to each legislator.

This latest scorecard showed quite clearly that while progress has been made to improve on environmental records from multiple legislators, there is still plenty of work that needs to be done. However, that reality should not take away from celebrating the records of the legislators that earned the very best marks in the 2019-2020 scorecard.

There were 31 legislators that received perfect scores for the 2019-2020 scorecard. These legislators are:

From the House:

Kimberly Alexander
Erick Allen
Debra Bazemore
James Beverly
William Boddie
Rhonda Burnough
Jasmine Clark
Rebecca Evans
Spencer Frye
Patricia Gardner
J. Craig Gordon
Camia Hopson
Shelly Hutchinson
Derrick Jackson
Josh McLaurin
Donna Mcleod
Elizabeth Moore
Sheila Nelson
Samuel Park
Bob Trammell
Michael Wilensky
Mary Frances Williams
Matthew Wilson


From the Senate:

Gloria Butler
Stephen Henson
Lester Jackson
Zahra Karinshak
Nan Orrock
Elena Parent
Sheikh Rahman
Michael Rhett


We’re extremely proud of each of the legislators for their amazing work to champion the environment!