2019-2020 Georgia Environmental Scorecard

Protecting and conserving Georgia’s environment for current and future generations

Compiled by the Georgia Conservation Voters & Environment Georgia

The need to conserve and protect Georgia’s environment cannot be understated. We have five distinct geographic regions, or “physiographic provinces” that host six ecoregions. Each ecoregion features extraordinary land and waterscapes that are home to unique plants and animals. The people, plants, and wildlife of our great state depend on fourteen significant watersheds. With over one hundred miles of coastline, and the two-thousand-mile long Appalachian Trail beginning in Georgia’s mountain, there is plenty for which we should be thankful. Unfortunately, there’s also plenty at risk. In moments like these, we need state and local leaders to ensure that our lands, air, and water are all protected.

It’s our vision that Georgians thrive in just, sustainable, and resilient communities. We work hard to connect the people of Georgia to their political power. We do this by mobilizing voters, winning elections, advancing policy, and holding elected officials accountable for their actions and votes.

One of our most powerful tools to achieve this vision is our annual Conservation ScorecardThe scorecard provides the information you need to determine whether your legislators are voting in line with your conservation values. It also reveals behind-the-scenes stories and unseen champions during legislative sessions.

2019-2020 Scorecard Release Event

 Hear from legislators with 100% scores and honorable mentions

The scorecard is about helping Georgians understand how they’re legislators are voting on critical environmental and climate issues. This year’s scorecard covers thirteen bills or resolutions during the 2019-2020 session including hot topics like coal ash, ethylene oxide, and the Right to Farm bill. Watch the video to learn what came up this session, and hear from top-performing state legislators.

Our Cycle of Accountability

Our work to report to you about how your legislators voted on key conservation policy during each legislative session is part of our strategic approach to building power for the environment and ensuring Georgian’s air, land, and water is protected. We call this approach the “Cycle of Accountability.”

Know the Score, then Take Action!


Say ‘thanks’ … or, ‘no thanks’


Tell your Legislators that you ‘know the score’ and communicate with them regularly.

One of the best ways to influence the voting records of your elected officials is to communicate regularly with them. If your legislators scored well, it’s important to thank them and to support them. If you feel you weren’t well-represented by your legislators’ votes, it’s important to hold them accountable by letting them know what you think about their votes. The Scorecard is your key to staying informed on your legislators’ votes and getting in touch with them.

Calling your legislator directly and sending letters through regular mail remains by far the most effective way to communicate with your legislators.

The Governor and Lieutenant Governor can always be contacted at the State Capitol. Except during the legislative session, state legislators should be contacted in their home districts, as listed on the current Legislators page. Whether you’re congratulating them on their score or expressing your disappointment, be direct, courteous, and polite.

Join the Conservation Voters Movement

We work hard to ensure the people of Georgia know how their legislators vote or, in the case of the Governor, what actions they take on legislation that affects our air, land, and water. We take on tough fights to protect Georgia, but these efforts in the State Capitol and around the state require financial resources. We can only win with your support. Please join other Georgians in becoming a Conservation Voter today!