DeKalb County wants to swap a large portion of the park to Blackhall Studios. If they succeed it will put all public land in DeKalb at risk of private development. The precedent could even threaten parks across the entire state of Georgia.

What does this mean? 40 acres of greenspace will be covered in concrete. That’s the equivalent of over 30 football fields.

Like the South River, Intrenchment Creek Park (ICP) is one of Atlanta’s hidden gems. The 136-acre DeKalb County park helps protect the South River’s largest urban tributary, Intrenchment Creek, and boasts beautiful forest trails and abundant wildlife.

What do we need you to do?

  1. Text your friends and associates about what’s going on with Intrenchment Park
  2. Hashtag #StoptheSwap on social media to spread awareness and share the website

Donate to the South River Watershed Alliance.

Help us ensure the security of Intrenchment Creek!