Georgia Conservation Voters is part of The People’s Campaign to Stop Cop City!

The People’s Campaign is a coalition committed to using Kingian nonviolence to save the Atlanta Forest and de-escalate the militarization of Atlanta police. We invite you to join us as we create the pressure that our City Council needs to break from this terribly destructive project.

At Georgia Conservation Voters,  we work every day to organize and empower communities to advance a more just and sustainable future and hold elected officials accountable for their actions and votes. With that in mind, we firmly believe the proposed construction of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center in the Weelaunee Forest is an environmental injustice. We stand against its construction in the majority-Black community of DeKalb County.

Find out how to sign the petition:

As of June 21, the petition was approved by the City Clerk and is available to start signing! We need to collect at least 70,000 signatures by August 14. Every signature is crucial to our campaign, and by law must meet certain requirements. Please click below to learn where and when you can go sign, and if you’re eligible to sign!

Take action with us!

Georgia Conservation Voters has organizers on the ground who are canvassing, phone banking, and spreading the word to Stop Cop City! If you want to join our efforts, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you soon as to how to get more involved.

More resources about GCV’s fight to Stop Cop City:


GCV Testimony at the June 5th City Council Meeting:

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