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Trump Vows to Gut Georgia’s EV Sector, Killing Thousands of Clean Energy Jobs in
the Nation’s EV Capital

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As Donald Trump faces a slew of criminal investigations and indictments, he’s hitting the campaign trail in key swing states. His latest message? Promising to kill clean energy jobs that employ thousands of hard-working Americans. At the Georgia Republican Convention, Donald Trump demonized the Peach State’s electric vehicle sector and vowed to repeal President Biden’s clean energy plan, which has turbocharged Georgia’s EV economy.

Repealing the Inflation Reduction Act would have disastrous consequences for Georgia. Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, nearly 150,000 clean energy jobs have been announced. In Georgia alone, nearly 13,000 clean energy jobs have been furthered, with nearly 8,000 in the electric vehicle industry. Even Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a vehement climate denier, and Governor Kemp, have celebrated clean energy job growth in Georgia.

“Georgia is one of the top states in the nation leading in new clean energy investments since President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act became law—tens of thousands of new good-paying jobs and billions in local investments are transforming the state’s economy,” said Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power. “President Biden’s clean energy plan is winning so much that Trump’s campaigning in Georgia to kill those jobs and put an end to the clean energy boom. Vowing to kill clean energy jobs is just as unpopular in Georgia as it is across the country, proving again just how good Trump is at losing.”

“Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, Georgia is on a path to justly transition our clean energy economy—attracting billions in manufacturing investment and thousands of good paying jobs to our residents,” said Brionté McCorkle, Executive Director of Georgia Conservation Voters. “We are already seeing the benefits: Georgia is now home to some of the largest investments in clean energy. Donald Trump’s extreme agenda will stop all of these gains cold, harming Georgia’s economy, environment, and working-class Georgian residents’ well-being. We can’t allow that to happen.”