We are in the midst of one of the biggest pushes for climate action in our nation’s history as members of Congress work to finalize the Build Back Better Act. President Biden, House Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer have made it clear that the bipartisan infrastructure framework must move in tandem with the Build Back Better Act with a new deadline of October 31st. From the ‘code red’ IPCC report, to devastating climate change-fueled hurricanes and tropical storms, scorching heat waves, drought, wildfires, and other extreme weather events that have impacted nearly 1 in 3 people in America just this summer, voters have had enough and it has never been more urgent for Congress to act on climate. Since launching in late June, LCV’s field program has been on the ground in Georgia and across the country, knocking on over 260,000 doors, and nearly 13,000 households and 9,000 businesses are displaying “Climate Action Now” signs in their neighborhoods.

In Georgia, voters throughout the Atlanta metro area have shared their concerns about extreme weather, climate injustice, and the overall health of the planet and they are stepping up by calling their representatives and demanding they take climate action now.

  • Atlanta, GA: Oscar supports bold climate action and the creation of more clean energy jobs because he is worried about the sustainability of our planet for future generations to come, saying “It really concerns me when I look at the damage we have previously done to the planet. We have to create a system that not only helps eliminate our carbon footprint but also sets a standard of sustainability for years to come.”
Oscar from Atlanta, GA
  • Atlanta, GA: Rebecca voiced her support of climate action and clean energy jobs, sharing, “As someone who identifies themselves as a part of the older generation, I have seen the drastic effects climate change has had on our country. Whether it be by way of increasing hurricanes, wildfires or other increased natural disasters, I believe we must do whatever we can to help combat it and protect our earth.”
  • Atlanta, GA: Jose’s main concern is having clean and accessible fresh water for the future and believes that too much privatization and pollution of our water is dangerous for the future of this essential resource.
  • Atlanta, GA: Melissa, a high school teacher, is a strong supporter of clean energy jobs and climate action that helps create a system and standard of change when it comes to creating a greener planet. She’s also a strong supporter of Sen. Ossoff, her former student, sharing “It brings me so much joy and satisfaction knowing that a former student of mine is fighting not only to help save the planet, but also incorporate those very changes into the state of Georgia.”
Melissa from Atlanta, GA
  • Decatur, GA: Jeremy, the manager of an appliance store, is concerned about the negative impacts climate change could have on the local economy. He’s glad to see local businesses showing support for climate action and is proud to display a “Climate Action Now” placard in his business.
  • Atlanta, GA: Kristen, the owner of a cafe, is a proud supporter of climate action and clean energy jobs. Kristen hopes the proposed Build Back Better Act helps bring clean energy jobs and more sources of renewable energy to Georgia and specifically the metro Atlanta area saying,  “As a staple in the south, it’s important that Atlanta is at the forefront of creating clean energy jobs and a supporter of a greener planet.
  • Sandy Springs, GA: Rachel is very concerned about the wildfires in California and the rising temperatures and heat waves happening across the country and is excited to support climate action now.
Rachel from Sandy Springs, GA
  • Atlanta, GA:  Kenneth is invested in climate action because he feels that far too often lawmakers care more about catering to big businesses and money more than the people they represent. He loves having green spaces in his neighborhood and wants to see more of that around the city.


Article originally posted on the LCV Blog at: https://www.lcv.org/article/memo-georgians-share-why-they-want-climate-action-now/