For Immediate Release

June 25, 2021

Contact: Courtnee Connon,, 727-744-4163

LCV Launches New $8M Field Organizing Effort for Climate Action 

Program will demonstrate strong support for clean energy, justice & jobs across 8 key states and 15 congressional districts 

Washington, D.C. — Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) announced the launch of a new $8 million field program in eight states and 15 congressional districts across the country to build support and visibility for the once in a generation opportunity Congress has to take action on the climate crisis with investments in clean energy, jobs, and justice. 

Organizers in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia will go door to door canvassing and engage with LCV members, local activists, and local businesses to pledge support for these issues and display “Climate Action Now” signs in their neighborhoods and businesses. The program will operate in 15 offices with close to 100 staff across the country.

Specifically, the program aims to engage hundreds of thousands of constituents in Arizona: statewide and AZ-01; Georgia: statewide, GA-06, and GA-07; Michigan: MI-08 and MI-11; Nevada: statewide, NV-03, and NV-04; New Hampshire: statewide and NH-01; New Jersey: NJ-03, NJ-05, NJ-07, and NJ-11; Pennsylvania: PA-07; Virginia: statewide, VA-02, and VA-07. 

“Inaction on climate this year is not an option. Congress has a once in a generation opportunity to put millions of people back to work in new good-paying union jobs in the clean energy economy while tackling climate change and environmental justice,” said LCV President Gene Karpinski. “It’s what voters want and it’s what our nation needs to meet the scale of the crises we face. LCV is proud to be in this fight to help ensure these big investments happen quickly because we know that when it comes to the climate crisis time is not on our side. 

According to a May 27 Navigator Research poll, 4 in 5 voters support making significant investments in clean energy as part of the economic recovery, and the vast majority of Independents (76%), Black Americans (90%), Hispanic Americans (74%), and Asian Americans (77%) support including climate-related initiatives in the American Jobs Plan.Additionally, modeled data from LCV and Data for Progress found that 71% of all likely voters in the U.S. support steps that address climate justice and clean energy jobs for all, and even in congressional districts represented by Republicans, support is over 60%. Additional polling shows the vast majority of voters want to see the president and Congress make climate and clean energy a top priority.

In addition to this spending, last month LCV announced a more than $10 million investment in the national organization’s state affiliates in key states and congressional districts to help pass the American Jobs Plan with climate, clean energy, high-quality jobs, and justice at the center.

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