The introduction of the Green New Deal in Congress has been a divisive issue, at a minimum. In Georgia, this has culminated with the introduction of HR 843 in the House, a resolution that takes aim at the Green New Deal and, by extension, environmental policies.

What is HR 843?

House Resolution 843 is a resolution urging the United States Congress to oppose the Green New Deal. It was introduced last year and is currently in the second reading stage.

It urges opposition to the Green New Deal on egregious claims that the GND would negatively affect the economy and not make meaningful impact on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

What is the Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal is a package of proposed federal legislation that would tackle climate change and income inequality. Major changes include transitioning to 100% clean energy by 2030, living wages, affordable housing and free college tuition. In short, the GND is aimed at securing the future prosperity for all Americans regardless of background and ensuring that the planet they inherit is protected from irreparable harm.

Will HR 843 do anything?

As a resolution, HR 843 is not legislation; that is, it’s not a law. It’s more of a way that symbolizes the Georgia General Assembly’s stance against or in favor of something else.

If HR 843 is mostly symbolic, why should we care?

Although the resolution is symbolic and doesn’t carry any legal weight, it does hold the power to sway national legislators and provides the country with a view of how Georgia sees the Green New Deal. This, in turn, can have an important influence on seemingly unrelated issues like the economy and relations beyond Georgia, as companies and organizations might decide not to invest or move into Georgia because of the archaic approach that Georgia has towards climate change.

What can I do?

Call your state representatives and senators to oppose HR 843 and hold them responsible for how they vote. If they know that their votes will be remembered, they will think twice before choosing to support something as ridiculous as HR 843. You can take part in our action alerts by going here and adding your voice!

Georgia Conservation Voters firmly believes that we must immediately take steps to prevent catastrophic environmental damage to our state and our planet. The Green New Deal is an opportunity for the country to take action to protect our planet and the people on it; however what matters most to GCV is ensuring that Georgia is taking tangible action to protect our environment, even if that’s not through the Green New Deal.

We want legislators to do something that will protect our planet instead of only denouncing the Green New Deal. Legislators should focus their efforts on making plans to protect our environment and our future, putting forward both long-term and short-term visions that will secure Georgia and our planet for everyone. Let’s stand together for a safer, cleaner, and brighter future.