Background information:

Every three years an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is filed with Georgia’s Public Service Commission (PSC). The IRP outlines the plan to deliver energy to millions of customers over a 20-year time frame and lays out a vision for the mix of power sources that comprise our grid. This has a huge impact on the solar industry in Georgia and can also provide opportunities to expand programs like energy efficiency and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The decisions made during this proceeding also directly impact how much customers will pay on their bills to maintain Georgia Power’s energy-generating plants and for the energy they produce.

What we did:

We know that most Georgia residents are in support of expanding renewable energy, but they might not be familiar with this opportunity to weigh in when their voices matter most. In just a few weeks, the Georgia Conservation Voters team spoke with nearly 1,400 Georgians who wanted to speak directly to Georgia Public Service Commissioners about expanding solar energy in this year’s plan. These people were from all over the state and remain ready to see Georgia take the leadership position that it is poised for in the renewable energy industry.

What the outcome was:

Regulators unanimously approve Georgia Power plan, adding 80 MW storage

Georgia set to be a leader in energy storage in the Southeast