2022 Endorsements

GCV’s Action Fund is dedicated to helping elect officials that will join in the struggle against climate change. We believe that we can bring lasting environmental change through political action. Listed below are candidates who have earned GCV’s endorsement.

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Past Endorsements

GCV would like to congratulate each endorsed candidate winner for their success in the elections! We eagerly look forward to working closely with them for the upcoming legislative session.

Federal Election Winners

State Senate Winners

State House Winners

GCV is proud of all of our endorsed the candidates and the campaigns they ran for a greener and more equitable future in Georgia.

While they were ultimately unsuccessful in their election bids, GCV would like to highlight the positive impact that each candidate made on the election and we hope that they will run again for office in the future. We remain proud to have partnered with each of these fantastic candidates and look forward to their next steps.

Statewide Candidates

State Senate Candidates

State House Candidates

Local Candidates