Coal Ash

Coal Ash is toxic to our health, lands, air and waters. Join the fight to stop coal ash and the usage of coal as an energy source.


Protect Georgia from Coal Ash

Coal Ash in Georgia

Coal ash is the toxic by product of burnt coal, often produced when coal is used to fuel power plants for electricity. Coal ash contains dangerous chemicals and heavy metals like arsenic and mercury, and can leave lasting damage to nearby land, water and air. People in frequent contact with coal ash can receive long term damage to their health, including but not limited to respiratory problems, nervous system damage, heart problems and cancer.

With millions of tons of coal ash produced in Georgia each year, the fact is that coal ash and its toxic legacy is an everyday problem for multiple communities, especially those that are situated near coal fired power plants or coal ash ponds, where the ash is dumped. Juliette, Georgia is the most visible warning of what the effects of coal ash can have on communities and the people who live in them.

The total population of Georgia as of 2018, according to the U.S. Census Bureau

Number of Coal Fired Power Plants in Georgia

Number of Coal Ash Ponds in Georgia

Population of Residents put at risk in Juliette, GA

Amount of Coal Burned Annually in Georgia

Amount of Coal Ash stored in ponds

Our state, health and families are at risk. Join the fight against coal ash and other environmental problems in Georgia.

Check out these videos on Coal Ash that our awesome partners at Sierra Club Georgia made:

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