Atlanta, Georgia – In response to last week’s news that Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia) will not support a Senate Reconciliation bill that includes funding for climate action, Georgia Conservation Voters (GCV) State Political Director Allie Brown had the following statement:

“This is an unbelievable change of attitude from Senator Manchin and will set back the fight to stop climate change for years. Once again, Senator Manchin has decided that big business, and a failing coal industry, is more valuable than human lives all across our country.

Georgians and Americans all across the country support climate action; a national survey by Data for Progress and Climate Power showed that 74% of Americans support taking action to stop climate change and this number is only becoming larger every year. It’s clear that climate action isn’t a political exhibition but a real demand coming from Georgia and the rest of the country.

We call on Senator Manchin to reconsider his actions – this is no time to be playing political games that will have very real impacts on human lives.”