LCV & Chispa Statements on WV v. EPA Decision: Pass Reconciliation Bill, Expand the Court

Washington D.C – Today, in response to the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision to side with the interests of coal companies and dangerously narrow the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate climate pollution under the Clean Air Act, the League of Conservation Voters issued the following statements:

LCV Board Chair and former EPA administrator, Carol M. Browner said:  

“Today’s decision is another loss for the health of our children and communities. 

“It will exacerbate the plight of communities of color historically overburdened by pollution and will destabilize the future of clean energy and the economic promise it holds. It also sets a dangerous precedent by undermining the authority of all federal agencies to establish the strongest, most cost effective pollution standards to protect people and the environment from dangerous pollution and other threats. The majority ignores that today’s electricity generation is significantly different from the days of Thomas Edison.  We are using more renewables and polluting less. The majority ignores the science of climate change. It significantly limits EPA’s responsibility to ensure clean air. 

“Reforms are needed now more than ever, from rebalancing and expanding the Supreme Court to end special interest control over the courts to Congress finally taking action to tackle the climate crisis and energy security by passing the $555 billion for investments in climate, jobs, and justice that will lower costs for families and protect our health and environment. We cannot afford to wait. It’s time to act on the climate crisis.”   

Chispa National Director of Policy and Advocacy Alejandra Ramirez-Zarate said:

“This decision sacrifices the health and livelihood of low-income people of color who are bearing the brunt of climate change and are often exposed to higher levels of air pollution, toxic hazards, and other contaminants. Environmental justice is a civil rights issue. With every breath we take, children and families of color are dying in polluted neighborhoods. Our communities will continue to fight back on this and other egregious attacks on our civil and human rights, including our right to clean air.”