This year, the state of Georgia decided to introduce new voting machines, replacing the previous paperless electronic voting system that had been in place. Aside from the fact that the timing was somewhat inauspicious, this year being an election year, there are some serious concerns about the machines and the difficulties that they might pose. Fortunately, GCV is here to help and hopefully make your transition a little smoother by providing five steps on how to use the new voting machines. 

Step 1: Check in with a poll worker and make sure that you have a valid photo id card. You’ll then be prompted to sign the elector’s oath before being handed a voter access card.


Step 2: Place the card into the voting machine, just below the screen. The screen will then show the list of candidates on the ballot, allowing you to make your decisions on the touch screen. 

Step 3: Select your candidate of choice by touching the screen. Once you finish making your selections, you will be prompted to review your choices.

Step 4: Print your ballot. Once you have reviewed your selections and are satisfied, you’ll need to print your ballot. The ballot will include both the text of your choices as well as a QR scanner code.

Step 5: Insert your printed ballot into your assigned scanner. The scanner that you use will be determined by the number that you received when you were given your voter access card. Once successfully submitted, the scanner will confirm that your vote has been cast and increase the number by one, indicating that your vote was counted.

Remember that the machines will still be new for a majority of voters in Georgia, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time if you vote in person. Alternatively, you can always request an absentee ballot instead.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and make sure you take part in participating in our civic duty this November!