This year’s election in Georgia will be one of the most intense and important elections in modern history, with not only the presidential race on the ballot but also two senate seats as well as all congressional districts. Tack on state legislative seats, two PSC seats and a host of other minor races and you’re facing a major election this year.

That’s not all, though. Included in the race will be three statewide ballot measures aimed at government fees, lawsuits and property tax breaks for certain charities. Here’s a closer look at what to expect.

Amendment 1 states that fees and taxes for specific purposes should be used for the intended purposes. For example, the state collects a modest fee for every tire sold in Georgia. This fee is supposed to be used to help clean up the waste that comes with tire disposal and illegal dumps, as well as provide money for waste management programs. However, currently most of that money has been used for other reasons, not for the intended programs. Amendment 1 would change that and ensure that money be spent properly.

Amendment 2 “waives state and local sovereign immunity for violation of state lws and state and federal constitutions.” In other words, this would allow citizens to sue the state and local governments on matters of unconstitutional laws without requiring citizens to receive the government’s permission. Amendment 2 restores power to the citizens, giving them the opportunity to fight back against unconstitutional laws.

Referendum A would provide a tax exemption status for some properties owned by charities. Essentially, it would provide charities the ability to build or repair single family homes which would be sold to individuals with no interest loans. In particular, this is aimed at giving tax breaks for charities like Habitat for Humanity, whose work provides many families with affordable and reliable homes.

When you go to the ballot to vote this year, don’t forget to vote on these issues as well!