Summertime has arrived and everyone is readying grills by the pool and trips outside (even in spite of COVID!). This usually means lots of air conditioner, iced drinks and other activities to help keep cool. Unfortunately, this also means we spend a lot of energy, increasing our energy output and opening our wallets a little bigger. This summer, learn how to keep your homes cool and comfortable while saving money and energy by becoming more energy efficient.


  1. Install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat will help regulate the temperature in your homes, preventing energy loss while the home is unoccupied. By allowing temperatures to rise while the home is empty, and lowering temperatures a short period before you return, you’ll save up to 30% on your next energy bill and keep your energy usage lower.

  2. Swap your gas stove for an electric stove or an induction stove. Gas stoves are notoriously inefficient with energy, as gas stoves require heating up the air around the burner. In contrast, electric and induction stoves are much more efficient due to less loss of energy to the surrounding environment.

  3. Unplug electronics while they are not in use. Even when powered off, electronics siphon off a small amount of electricity, also known as standby electricity loss. By unplugging your unused electronics, you can prevent this loss of energy and help protect your possessions from an unpleasant surge during lightning storms.

  4. Wash clothes in cold water. Heating water takes energy so washing your clothes in cold water can help keep your clothes clean and reduce energy consumption. Even better, once your clothes are cleaned, go the old fashioned way and dry them outside on a line or on a rack instead of using a dryer.

  5. Use energy-efficient light bulbs. The list of light bulbs that are more effective and efficient is growing. While looking for light bulbs, look for bulbs that use less energy like halogen and LED bulbs. They’ll be a little more expensive upfront but they’ll save you money over time.

  6. Buy appliances with the Energy Star Label. Energy Star labeled appliances are more energy efficient and will save you money over the course of its lifetime. Like the light bulbs, they might be a little more expensive but they’ll pay for themselves and more over time.

  7. Take steps to cool yourself, instead of your home. This can include taking a dip in the pool, drinking some ice tea or using a hand fan instead of turning on the air conditioner. It’ll take more imagination and work but in the end, your wallet will thank you for it.


This year, keep yourself cool and your finances hot by taking steps to conserve energy. Saving energy won’t just help the environment; your bank account will be thanking you for it too!