AJC: The Jolt: A sing-off for solar energy at the PSC
By Jim Galloway Greg Bluestein Tamar Hallerman

Next Tuesday, the state Public Service Commission will vote on Georgia Power’s “Integrated Resource Plan,” a three-year blueprint outlining how much power the regulated company will generate – and from what sources.

Georgia Power has indicated that it will edge away from coal and move more deeply into solar, but many are advocating that the utility go deeper still. Hearings on the matter began this spring. On Thursday, alternative energy advocates exercised their last chance to have their public say before five PSC members — among them Lauren “Bubba” McDonald.Testimony isn’t necessarily staid. Once before, a singer/songwriter who goes by the name of Aviva – her group is Aviva and the Flying Penguins – had made her statement with a song and ukulele. She was back before the PSC on Thursday, one of 20 or so who showed up. When her turn came, McDonald noticed that her musical instrument was missing. She said she hadn’t been allowed to bring it into the chamber. McDonald, one of the chief advocates for upping solar requirements on Georgia Power, told her to go get it. She did.

You can listen to the result here. (Thanks to Georgia Conservation Voters for the video.) Once Aviva finished, McDonald said, “You can approach the bench.”

The witness was clearly puzzled. “Come here,” he repeated. She did. McDonald took the ukulele, began strumming it, and sang:

I was borned about two thousand years ago

And there’s nothin’ in this world that I don’t know.

I saw Peter, Paul and Moses

Playing ring around the roses

And I can lick the guy that says it isn’t so.

You can watch it here: