Georgia is one of only 11 states in which voters elect public utility commissioners, a critically important board for clean energy in the state. The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) is comprised of five members who must reside in a district but are elected statewide in a partisan election to a (staggered) six-year term. All five Public Service Commissioners have been Republicans since 2006. In 2018, two of the five seats are up for election. Both races feature an incumbent Republican, a Libertarian and an energetic female Democratic candidate.

There are three reasons GCV recommends you vote for Lindy Miller (D) District 3 and Dawn Randolph (D) District 5.

  1. Incumbent Commissioners take 70% of their campaign contributions from the utilities they are supposed to regulate.
  2. Incumbent Commissioners have failed to adequately manage and hold the Georgia Power Company accountable for the Plant Vogtle project. In fact, Georgia Power will make $5 billion MORE just off the overruns and delays. By not following their own staff’s advice that the project no longer makes sense, they have essentially written a blank check for the project from Georgia electricity customers.
  3. While there are Libertarians in the race who have put forward some ideas that we like, both Democrats are stronger conservationists. They have both proven themselves to be viable challengers, in terms of fundraising, campaign infrastructure and polling. Electing them is the only path to change the composition of the Commission in 2018.